1-on-1 Sessions Are Available Starting June 2024

I can help you in a number of areas. Browse what you would like help with below, then schedule a time to get started!

Microsoft Flight Simulator

$75 / per hour

Take your flight simulation experience to the next level of realism. Tailored to what you’re looking for some help with, I can offer anything from how to have a better understanding of a particular airplane to understanding landings, traffic patterns, and airspaces. I also specialize in tailwheel flying and can teach you why a tailwheel is so different and how you should be practicing with one. Choose your aircraft, and let me know what you want to work on when scheduling.

If you’re on the fence of whether or not you want to get your pilot’s license in real life, or perhaps you are not fit to fly in real life due to financial reasons or medical reasons, these 1-on-1’s are a great option for you!

Areas of Expertise:

  • Ground Safety / Pre-Flight
  • Starting the Airplane Properly
  • Radio Communication in Class Delta
  • Takeoffs, Landings, and Traffic Patterns in Uncontrolled & Controlled Airspace
  • Class D Airspace Operations
  • Slow Flight & Steep Turns
  • 3-Point Landings vs. Wheel Landings
  • Emergency Landings
  • Dead Reckoning
  • Stick & Rudder Flying
  • The Art of Flying
  • And More

Common Aircraft for Lessons (I am also open to others):

  • Cessna 152
  • Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000)
  • Cessna 208 Caravan
  • Daher TBM 930
  • CubCrafters XCub
  • Zlin Aviation Savage Cub

Video Editing

$75 / per hour

Stop wasting time trying to figure out the best way to edit on Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve. Over the last 16 years I have edited 1500+ videos using Final Cut, AVID, Adobe Premiere, and DaVinci Resolve. If you want to edit better videos and make your workflow faster, this is the lesson for you. I have edited a ton of TV commercials, music videos, and documentaries while working with national ad-agencies and brands. Let me help you become a better video editor so you can spend less time getting the results you’re looking for and more time doing what you love.

Currently I am offering lessons in Adobe Premiere CC or DaVinci Resolve and will be prepared to pull up either program once we connect on Discord. Up to you which one you want to learn more about!

Building a YouTube Channel

$100 / per hour

Want to learn more about how to create a successful YouTube Channel? I can tell you how I went from zero to six million views in just a few years. There’s a lot more to it than just creating quality content. I can give you invaluable information that will save you months of time and research trying to figure it all out on your own.

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I’ve worked in aviation most of my adult life (30+ years), not as a professional pilot, but have flown some. You’d be a top notch instructor in real life!


You aren’t even a CFI yet you performed this intro to flight perfectly! It brought me back to my very first flight lesson with my very first flight instructor who was the best instructor I ever had. You were literally on par with his instructiont. You have a gift!


You are the very first, who managed to solve the riddles of combining VORs, DME and ADF for me. And I tell you, I’m quite some time into Flight Sims. Thanks a lot!


Just wanna say you are a down to earth, HUMBLE teacher looking to help others be more proficient pilots. Hard find indeed.

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