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I Am Mayan is my first feature-length documentary film now in development. It tells the story of a Maya family in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula who struggles to maintain their culture. I am currently raising money to get this film made and help an international audience become aware of what it means to be Maya in the face of exploitation and globalization. By contributing to this film you are fighting for social justice on behalf of a lesser-known indigenous culture. This film will be a powerful and inspirational story of personal triumph and what it means to live as a family grounded in an ancient way of life that is alive and well. 

While this film will introduce the kinds of projects the Maya are working on to keep their culture alive, it will also be an inspiration for others to become personally involved in their eco-tourism, conservation efforts, and indigenous art. Through the empowerment that comes with the development of these projects already in motion the Maya will have access to more resources to continue their sustainable living and educational goals. 

Visit to learn more.

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