It Doesn't Get Better Than This

This solo formation flight was truly a dream turned into reality. If you work hard enough toward something and have a relentless passion for it, anything is possible. Four years after getting my private pilots license, here I am flying a 1946 vintage taildragger over an incredibly beautiful landscape with friends. Every time I climb into this airplane it is with exhilaration and gratitude. I hope you enjoy this video featuring some of the highlights from Dave and I's meeting over the marsh. The Taylorcraft and the Legend Cub are getting along quite nicely so far. Stay tuned for more shenanigans!

Cameras: Sony A7R III, GoPro Max, GoPro Hero 7

Cessna 152 Flight Training


This Cessna 152 flight demonstrates some of what I have to do to be a safe pilot when I rent a 152 from my local flight school. Starting with the pre-flight checklist, I go over some of what is on a Cessna 152 checklist for startup, takeoff, landing, etc. and include a look at how a closed traffic pattern works.

Cameras: GoPro Hero 7

VOR Navigation Made Easy

Many of you have asked me to create on a video on how to track a VOR. So this video utilizes a VOR simulator, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and an aeronautical sectional to help you understand how to use VOR navigation. I threw in some extra info on ADF and DME as well. Hopefully after this lesson you will have a much better understanding of VOR navigation and can have some fun with it in a real airplane or on Microsoft Flight Simulator. 

Bellanca Cruisair Restoration Project

Follow the progress on our 1947 Bellanca Cruisair from her current condition to soaring the skies again. Designed by one of the pioneers of aviation, Giuseppe Mario Bellanca, the Bellanca Cruisair was manufactured from the mid-1930s onwards, starting with the Model 14-7. This particular model we are restoring is a 14-13-2. It’s a slight upgrade from the 14-13 featuring a longer span stabilizer and an external baggage compartment. The Franklin engine we purchased has also been upgraded from a 150hp to a 165hp. Part 1 of our restoration features Dave and I’s journey to purchase the airplane and transport it from Michigan back to Florida.

Camera: Sony A7R III

Teaching Her To Fly

Kristin has been flying with me a few times, but this is her first time taking the controls! Obviously, she did awesome. She used to be scared of flying in small airplanes but somehow I convinced her to go on our third date. I'm glad she was willing to go when we met and is now flying the airplane a bit! Not just any airplane, but a vintage, fabricated tailwheel. I think the more you learn why an airplane flies and how much control you have over it, the more comfortable you become in a small plane. Nevertheless, flying in a post-war 1946 Taylorcraft is a timeless romantic endeavor. Unlike many other things, it doesn't ever get old. It is always a blissful feeling to be up in the sky, experiencing the true face of the earth with the ones you love.

Cameras: Sony A7S III, GoPro Max, GoPro Hero 7