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Brady Skye is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer with over a decade of full-time experience in documentary and commercial filmmaking alongside YouTube videos. With a keen eye for directing and editing, Brady has created over 1500 videos, from national TV commercials to long-form programs. He has collaborated with numerous ad-agencies, serving as both a director and editor, delivering high-quality commercial work within tight deadlines.

Brady's passion for delivering compelling stories to audiences and brands started at a young age. Growing up in Orlando, Florida, he immersed himself in classical piano, guitar, and live performances. As a teenager, he continued to pursue music alongside photography, acrylic painting, and various computer applications, including Photoshop and CAD. It was during college that he discovered his gift for cinematic arts, eventually leading him to produce and edit hundreds of commercials for the PGA TOUR and other major brands between 2015-2017. His work has been distributed by networks such as Paramount, CBS, NBC Sports, Golf Channel, Nickelodeon, Scholastic, Wounded Warrior Project, Sonny's BBQ, Florida Power & Light, and MTV.

Brady just completed his first feature-length documentary, Beyond the Ruins. The film tells the story of two indigenous Maya families in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula who have managed to maintain their cultural heritage in the face of the 21st century and explores what other cultures could learn from them to improve their own quality of life.


Brady's ability to capture the essence of his subjects and create compelling narratives has garnered him numerous awards and recognition in the industry.

With a relentless pursuit of excellence, he continues to push the boundaries of visual storytelling, captivating audiences with his creativity and vision. His personal favorite subjects matters typically involve exotic locations, indigenous peoples, environmental issues.

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