Brady Skye

  • YouTuber & Educator
  • United States Tailwheel Pilot
  • Film Editor

Offering private 1-on-1 sessions on Microsoft Flight Simulator and more.

FAA Certified Private Pilot
Award-Winning Filmmaker

Get 1-on-1 private lessons from a real pilot on Microsoft Flight Simulator, or book a private lesson to become a better video editor.


DCS World & Microsoft Flight Simulator

Film Projects

Flying in Real Life

What I Offer

So you want to be a pilot, or maybe you already are. Microsoft Flight Simulator has opened the skies up like we never even imagined. We’re talking real time, real weather, and real life situations. Before I received my pilot’s license in real life I clocked in hundreds of hours on flight simulators and it was a tremendous help. If you can’t get up into the air because of medical reasons or financial reasons, you can still be a pilot on Microsoft Flight Simulator with access to the entire world right from home. Perhaps you just want to see if flying is something you want to pursue, or you want to take your MSFS experience to another level of realism. Schedule a 1-on-1 session with me and I can help you achieve your goals.

Don’t let the complexity of Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve slow you down. With an extensive background of 16 years and a portfolio of over 1500 videos edited across Final Cut, AVID, Adobe Premiere, and DaVinci Resolve, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. Whether you’re aiming to enhance the quality of your videos or streamline your editing process, my tailored lessons are designed to elevate your editing skills. My career has spanned editing a diverse array of projects, including television commercials, music videos, and documentaries, collaborating with renowned national advertising agencies and prominent brands. By choosing me as your instructor, you’ll gain the insights needed to refine your video editing prowess, allowing you to achieve superior results swiftly and focus more on your passion.

I’m currently providing private, one-on-one video editing tutoring sessions through Discord, focusing on either Adobe Premiere CC or DaVinci Resolve based on your preference. Ready to transform your video editing journey? Connect with me, and let’s dive deep into the software of your choice, making your editing workflow more efficient and your outputs more impressive.

Interested in unlocking the secrets to a thriving YouTube channel? Discover how I skyrocketed from zero to six million views in a relatively short time. Success on YouTube extends far beyond simply crafting high-quality content. I’m here to share critical insights and strategies that could save you months of trial and error and extensive research. Join me to learn the nuances of building a successful YouTube presence, from the ground up.


I’ve worked in aviation most of my adult life (30+ years), not as a professional pilot, but have flown some. You’d be a top notch instructor in real life!


You aren’t even a CFI yet you performed this intro to flight perfectly! It brought me back to my very first flight lesson with my very first flight instructor who was the best instructor I ever had. You were literally on par with his instructiont. You have a gift!


You are the very first, who managed to solve the riddles of combining VORs, DME and ADF for me. And I tell you, I’m quite some time into Flight Sims. Thanks a lot!


Just wanna say you are a down to earth, HUMBLE teacher looking to help others be more proficient pilots. Hard find indeed.

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